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As we inch closer to widespread vaccine accessibility, the question continues to be asked by many American citizens: are the Coronavirus vaccines safe? The answer to that question is that the word “safe” is an understatement. The truth is that vaccines continue to prove to save millions of lives annually and reduce the suffering of even more.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of vaccine efficacy, hysteria around the topic continues to flourish. In September of 2020, Pew Research Center found that not even a quarter of Americans would definitely get a vaccine and 30% probably would (51% combined). …

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Almost every time a presidential election is held, we all hear hyperbolic claims that “everything is on the line” and that it is the “most important election of our time.” That, of course, can’t be true of every election. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true about any election.

I am now arguing exactly that — only this time, it’s actually true.

This isn’t due to a kind of partisan bias, like the accusation of Trump Derangement Syndrome. …

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Michigan is the tenth largest state in the United States, the country with the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths on earth. Michigan also comes in at third place in deaths and fifth place in confirmed cases, with the virus’ prevalence being highest in the city of Detroit. The state is facing the threat of the coronavirus disproportionately compared to most of the country and the world.

In response to the first two confirmed cases in Michigan on March 10, the state’s governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency. And since cases and deaths began to…

Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization

Why are many people attracted to such endeavors as training to be a terrorist, joining a cult or becoming a gang member? Is it due to some innate neurological abnormality or a personality disorder? Might it be the way they were raised? One may be surprised to learn that much of the motivation one has to join these organized groups is all too familiar and is actually virtually universal.

Violent extremism, cults and gangs are all examples of many individuals’ desire for transcendence. Like us, they strive to gain a sense of security and growth. The problem with these outlets…

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As Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads throughout the United States, many have come to terms with the extent to which we should be worried. Who is concerned is clear to most because they have begun to distance themselves socially and take other precautions like wearing a mask. However, others have remained highly skeptical that we need to make major changes like shut down most of the economy just to reduce the spread of a virus.

Among those who have expressed skepticism is the president of the United States, Donald Trump. He was even skeptical long before the pandemic began. So…

And the decline of trust in science

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The condensed alternative of this article was first published at Areo Magazine.

The science of the mind has never been exclusively objective. To prove that this is true, I want to lay out a theory posed by one of the most well known and celebrated psychologists in the world. The theory goes something like this: during psychosexual development, children begin to experience extremely erotic feelings toward their parent of the opposite sex and hatred for their same-sex parent. Boys compete with their fathers to achieve their mothers’ affection and attention while girls become jealous of their mothers and desire their…

How bigotry has declined in the US

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This article was first published at the Progressive Brief.

Social justice has largely been a force for good and has erupted as a movement in recent history. Racial minorities such as African Americans have been treated as second-class citizens. Women have been thought to be inferior to their male counterparts. Homosexuals and transgender individuals have been shunned for simply being who they are.

All of these groups have experienced bigotry in the form of anything ranging from insensitive comments to brutal punishment and even execution. But we mustn’t allow history to be forgotten. …

How the longer-than-longshot candidate made a name for himself

Source: Business Insider

The people have finally heard the ‘longer-than-longshot’ candidate, as the New York Times put it, speak. CNN hosted the second Democratic presidential primary debates in which ten qualifying candidates participated each night. While the candidates on stage were attacking each other for various reasons, one in particular didn’t have a single one to throw at another. That candidate is entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Isn’t this a bad thing though? Shouldn’t presidential candidates critique each other’s policies and ideas? While this is necessary in politics, the Democratic party embarrassed themselves in the way they carped at Joe Biden that night. At the…

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